This month's featured artist: Jeanne Gadol

Attracted to the forms, colors and drama of nature, I strive to capture its beauty and essence. I am fortunate to have found digital mixed media as my medium. I became a graphic designer when computer graphics were first coming of age and then, as an already accomplished nature photographer, I embraced the change from […]

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The Main Gallery: Featured Artist

Current Exhibition:
Warm /Cool and Shadows: Focus on color and shadow- Wednesday, March 18th through Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Red Head

Monoprint by Diana Herring

Deer in Forest

Digital Art by Jeanne Gadol


Photograph by Robin Apple

Red boat

Digital art by Jeanne Gadol

Mostly bare

Digital Art by Jeanne Gadol

Warm /Cool and Shadows:

Two separate exhibits, one focusing on color and the other on shadow.  These studies bring to light subtleties and realities often overlooked.

Warm/Cool and Shadows:

Two individual art shows held simultaneously at The Main Gallery feature passionate, sensitive exposures to varied perception. Artists Jeanne Gadol and Diana Herring display Warm/Cool, while Robin Apple and Ginger Slonaker exhibit Shadows. Both shows open Wednesday, March 18th, and run through Sunday, April 19th.
The Main Gallery, located at 1018 Main Street in Redwood City, will be hosting a free opening reception with the artists on Saturday, March 21st, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Here is a brief sampling of what you will find at The Main Gallery’s two simultaneous exhibits of Warm/Cool and Shadows:

Challenging herself to concentrate on a limited pallet of colors; either exclusively warm or cool colors, digital artist Jeanne Gadol creates unique re-worked photographic images. Gadol’s passion for the natural world is also reflected in her imagery; within her warm spectrum collection she includes a red boat, brilliant sunflowers, and lush greenery.  Her cool toned pieces consist of graphic, bright shapes depicting scenes such as a deer standing in a black and white forest against a background of blue.

Monoprint artist Diana Herring craves new discoveries and believes “art is the way to adventure and experience the unknown.” Herring is a creative explorer and follows a process that allows accidents to guide her practice.  For this show, a fusion of warm and cool inserted itself into Herring’s work.  One such example appears as an abstract work, though Herring clarifies that it “is more of a representational piece, depicting a map of a lifetime, and the journey of traveling across my inner terrain without a known destination.” To her, a ‘color journey’ is an exciting one to explore.

Photographer (and psychiatrist) Robin Apple observes that people often choose homes like they do companions:  to mirror their personalities. For the Shadows exhibit, Apple has produced a body of whimsical, bright, architectural photographs that she describes as having spoken to her “with shadow-emotion.”  She believes these ‘shadow-emotions’ exist in every home as something that is always there but not always seen, and that true raw connections can be actually felt from the buildings’ exteriors.

The unchallenged, unkempt, and unnoticed truths reveals themselves in mixed media artist Ginger Slonaker’s new pieces for Shadows. In Slonaker’s work she represents people’s underlying problems with darkened shadows. She believes that problems are always lurking in the shadows, but “must be acknowledged and addressed by someone in order for her/him to move forward and grow.” In her new work she illustrates strategies for confronting these ‘shadow problems’ such as tackling it head-on (“like a bull”, she says), hanging it out on the line to dry after “rinsing yourself of the residue of the issue, in order to forgive”, and looking deep enough into the problem to discover the falseness of it and exposing its untruthful.
Please join us for this discovery of color and mysteries of shadow in the simultaneous Warm/Cool and Shadow creative art shows at The Main Gallery.
The Main Gallery, an artists’ cooperative with some 20 members, showcases the work of some of the best local talent in the Bay Area.  The Gallery is located at 1018 Main Street, at the corner of Main and Middlefield, in the historic yellow Victorian Cottage in Redwood City.  The Main Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information, please visit our website at or call The Main Gallery at (650) 701-1018.