This month's featured artist: Robin Apple

Robin Apple (b. 1962) is a clinical psychologist at Stanford University (California). She fell in love with photography as an important creative outlet and vehicle for self-expression.  As a psychologist, she values experimentation, opening oneself to new experiences, physical movement, and expression. As a photographer she is most intrigued by capturing day-day experiences that she […]

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The Main Gallery: Featured Artist

Current Exhibition:
Climate Best By Government Test – 2014 Anniversary Show - Wednesday, August 6 through Sunday, September 7, 2014

Farmers Market Bouquet by Lynne Auld

Jeff's Houseboat by Nina Koepcke

Seaport Walk by Tim Scott

Evening Off Broadway by Robin Apple

In Front of The Main Gallery by Jeanne Gadol

Redwood City, CA – Climate Best By Government Test: The 2014 Anniversary Show is an unmistakable art exhibit showcasing 22 of The Main Gallery artists including Robin Apple, Lynne Auld, Arup Biswas, Helga Christoph, Pixie Couch, Susan Fast, Jeanne Gadol, Elisabeth Gomez, Katinka Hartmetz, Tom Haines, Diana Herring, Nina Koepcke, Diana Krupka, Shang Ma, Erna Metzger, Terri Wilson Moore, Elizabeth Noerdlinger, Tim Scott, and Susan Wolf.  The annual show opens Wednesday, August 6th, and runs through Sunday, September 7th.

This anniversary show explores what Redwood City’s slogan of the 1920s;“Climate Best By Government Test”, might describe today. Main Gallery artists exhibit contemporary findings of Redwood City’s ‘climate’, from social to cultural and political to natural. The Main Gallery, located at 1018 Main Street in Redwood City, will be hosting an opening reception with the artists on Saturday, August 9th, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Here is a small sampling of what you will find at The Main Gallery’s Anniversary Show 2014 City Best by Government Test show:

The colorful, abstract images created by photographer Robin Apple are shot with her iPhone5 in conjunction with a series of post-processing applications. She works in the moment and aims to capture a “sense of place and time” and stimulate curiosity, discussion and wonder from the viewer. In Apple’s piece Evening Off Broadway the lighting, rush, and excitement of the theater district atmosphere conveys the buzz felt by a night out on the town.

Exploring the parks and markets of Redwood City, photographer Lynne Auld‘s new work echoes her appreciation of a community that values the natural world with accessibility to diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and engaging activities.

Painter and digital artist Jeanne Gadol uses her photography and digital techniques to combine identifiable settings with unidentifiable people.  Godol focuses on Redwood City’s spring and summer weather: from people enjoying the day in front of the Fox theater, to the beautiful patio between Alana’s Café and The Main Gallery.  Looking at her atmospheric scenes will make viewer wish they could step right in to the frame.

For this Main Gallery anniversary show, mixed media artist Katinka Hartmetz describes her work as an “abstract interpretation of the theme, conveying the spirit and vibrancy of the city at night.” In her painting City Light, bold brush strokes delineate and separate areas to “then become bubbles or little windows into a city night”.

For the show, ceramist Nina Koepcke merges the subject matter from Redwood City’s artistic and nautical communities, creating a unique replica of the home of Jeff Carlick.  Carlick was an early and long time member of The Main Gallery in Redwood City, as well as a proud member of the Redwood City houseboat marina community. He lived for many years in a houseboat at the Redwood City marina, where visitors could see his work proudly displayed on the outside of his house. As a tribute to Jeff’s life in Redwood City, Koepcke’s replica of Carlick’s famous houseboat, complete with views of some of his pots, is on display.

Typical of ceramist Susan Wolf ‘s style, her whimsical clay sculptures on exhibit are depicted with humor. Wolf explains that her climate art began with a focus on memory and dream imagery then morphed into the climate theme where the memories and dreams float over atmospheric clouds or water. Wolf gives the clouds an oriental aspect with swirling brushwork and luster. The raindrops, rainbow and sun assist Wolf in describing her belief of “a kindly and generous climate.”

Don’t miss seeing the Climate Best by Government Test: The 2014 Anniversary Show at The Main Gallery. Creatively experience what the Redwood City ‘climate’ represents today, it is sure to represent our finest qualities and evoke pride in our city.

The Main Gallery, an artists’ cooperative with some 22 members, showcases the work of some of the best local talent in the Bay Area.  The Gallery is located at 1018 Main Street at the corner of Main and Middlefield in the historic yellow Victorian Cottage in Redwood City.  The Main Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information, please visit our website at or call The Main Gallery at (650) 701-1018