This month's featured artist: Robin Apple

Robin Apple (b. 1962) is a clinical psychologist at Stanford University (California). She fell in love with photography as an important creative outlet and vehicle for self-expression.  As a psychologist, she values experimentation, opening oneself to new experiences, physical movement, and expression. As a photographer she is most intrigued by capturing day-day experiences that she […]

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The Main Gallery: Featured Artist

Current Exhibition:
Flora Fauna Fantasy - Wednesday, February 11 through Sunday, March 15 2015

Evening Bee

Oil Painting by Elizabeth Noerdlinger

Pulgas Ridge Spring

Oil Painting by Elizabeth Noerdlinger


Oil Painting by Elizabeth Noerdlinger

Flora Fauna Fantasy:

an art exhibit at The Main Gallery combines the three artistic, feminine visions of artists Susan G. Fast, Elizabeth Gomez, and Elizabeth Noerdlinger into an imaginative vision of flowers, animals, and illusion.The show opens Wednesday, February 11th, and runs through Sunday, March 15th.

The Main Gallery, located at 1018 Main Street in Redwood City, will be hosting a free opening reception with the artists on Sunday, February 15th, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Here is a small sampling of what you will find at The Main Gallery’sFlora, Fauna, Fantasy exhibit:

Inspiring thoughts of beauty and glamour, jewelry and glass artist Susan Grace Fast’simagery for Flora, Fauna, Fantasy includes Art Nouveau styled motifs such as landscapes, flowers, and females forms. Fast employs the use of classic items:  glass, old watch parts, Victorian buttons, buckles, chains, and vintage ribbons all combine to create her passionate pieces. Sheexplains that she incorporates a “fanciful, expressive and older romantic style” into her jewelry.

 Combing elements of nature and fantasy, mixed media artist Elizabeth Gomez paints people coexisting with animals in a harmonious and peaceful way. By combining human figures with wild creatures, a psychological component is added for the viewer to absorb.  Gomez’s brightly colored, folksystyle conveys a somewhat utopist coexistence between humans (usually women) and their environment.She describes her decorative style as “honest and direct; like hand-made crafts with embellishment and space-flattening ornamentation.”Gomezdescribes Flora, Fauna, Fantasy as ‘feminine art’ because of the beauty and power of nature and women.

For Flora, Fauna, Fantasy, oil painter Elizabeth Noerdlinger focuses on images of flowers and landscapes, revealing elements of mystery and longing. Noerdlinger’s lush close-ups of flowers invite viewers to the magic of nature unfolding. Her Northern California and Massachusetts inspired landscapes contain qualities thatlinger with the viewer. Noerdlinger explains that she “paints sunlight contrasting with dark plant shapes and paths that disappear in distant hills, or between trees. It unearths a feeling of longing that warm light at the end of theday can impart.”

The Main Gallery’s Flora, Fauna, Fantasy art exhibit featuring artists Susan G. Fast, Elizabeth Gomez, and Elizabeth Noerdlinger unveils a uniquely feminine perspective on nature, beauty, and vision.

Please join us for this special creative approach on the environment, grace, and one’s personal manifestation.

The Main Gallery, an artists’ cooperative with some 20 members, showcases the work of some of the best local talent in the Bay Area.  The Gallery is located at 1018 Main Street, at the corner of Main and Middlefield, in the historic yellow Victorian Cottage in Redwood City.  The Main Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information, please visit our website at or call The Main Gallery at (650) 701-1018.